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Online permitting software which makes your job easier by taking applications online and using smart automation for renewals.

Civic Review is the only health permitting software which automatically follows-up with applicants when you need to collect payments or renewals.

Civic Review’s flexibility makes it a great fit for the permitting of food establishments, body art parlors, tanning salons, tobacco shops, septic systems, and even events. Renewals are a big part of the job, and Civic Review is smart enough to automate the process of letting applicants know when it’s time to renew.

Our customers see as high as
of renewals completed before a single letter is sent, email written, or phone call made

So much more than online permit forms

If online forms is all you’re looking for, there are a LOT of solutions out there. But Civic Review utilizes the power of the cloud to deliver a suite of options to make your job easier. You’ll find tools you never knew you needed, and will never be able to go without again.

Let’s follow Beth the Baker

as she applies for a food establishment permit

Beth is a hard-working citizen who is finally realizing her dream of opening her very own bakery. As you know, a business such as this requires a food establishment permit from the health department. Beth is very busy, and is elated because she does not have to take time out of her day to personally visit the health department just to fill out a form. So Beth simply visits the website and applies online. Here’s what that process looks like with Civic Review.

With Civic Review

Beth submits her restaurant permit online

The health department has full control over the application form and can add multiple pages and questions themselves. You can even ask for a list of managers, including a list of restaurant manager certificates, if needed. Once information is taken, Civic Review can calculate fees automatically based on the data collected.

Food Establishment Permit Online Application

Food Permits Internal Comments

Better record-keeping

Don’t forget important things with internal comments

Understanding that you need to keep notes about permits, Civic Review provides a way to make comments. Comments always stick with the permit record, so you can always go back and reference them. You can even tag other staff users to engage in a little conversation, and attach files for safe-keeping.

Using a portal

Beth can check her status and pay fees online

Our applicant, Beth, is provided with a portal so she can interact with health department staff. Since Civic Review is web-based, Beth can access this even while she’s away checking up on her supplier’s wheat production. When it’s time, Beth can see if her application is being reviewed, and can pay her fees online. For online payment Civic Review integrates with a number of 3rd party payment processors, making it possible to keep all your organization’s payments on a central system. Even though Civic Review may replace your current permitting module or software, you continue to use your financial/ERP systems for accounting purposes.

In App Messaging for Food Permits

Online messaging

allows communication to be stored forever

Whenever you have questions or comments, you can send messages or exchange files directly with the applicant from within Civic Review. For example, let’s say during the application process Beth uploaded a copy of her Manager’s Certificate, but instead of sending a copy of her certificate, she accidentally uploaded her shopping list. While reviewing her application, you can send her a message, asking her to upload the right document. This conversation is stored with the application forever, so years from now, you can always go back and see what was said and when, instead of rummaging through your email inbox.

Thanks to customizable templates

Beth can print her own food establishment permit online

You’ll be able to build templates for printing letters and forms, such as restaurant permits. These templates can be customized by yourself using our drag-and-drop template editor. You can even use these templates to bulk print form letters!

So once everything has been paid for, and approvals have been made, you can choose to allow Beth to print her own permit certificate from her portal. No more printing certificates and paying for postage to send them out!

Permanent Facility Food Permit Certificate Template
Let's face it, renewals aren't exactly the most fun thing to do

Civic Review can save you hundreds of hours of renewal busy work each year

Stop sending letters!

Civic Review knows when to send automated renewal emails, reminders, and follow-ups

Civic Review customers see as much as 96% of renewals happen online before they have to send any letters or make any phone calls!

While printing renewal letters, stuffing envelopes, licking envelopes, paying for all that postage, and repeating all that when people are unresponsive, have you ever thought to yourself, “I shouldn’t have to do this myself in this day and age?” Civic Review is smart enough to know when renewable permits expire, and as such, utilizes automation to handle all that busy work for you. So when it’s time to renew her bakery’s food permit, Beth gets an email (and even a few follow-up emails) when it’s time to renew. Even if she misses a deadline, Civic Review recognizes that and will send more emails. Just think of everything you could be doing instead of all that busywork! A lot goes into how this works, so please reach out to us to ask for an explanation.

Effortlessly keep your information up-to-date

During renewals Beth can update her information herself, and provide new info each year

Let’s say instead of just selling baked goods, this year Beth added seafood to her menu. While renewing online, Beth has the chance to review her information, and can update her own information if anything changes. So in this case Beth might indicate that she now sells seafood. These kinds of changes could affect what her fees end up being, or even make her business non-compliant – so you would have a chance to review those changes, and either update fees or deny her renewal before she can continue the renewal process.

If you have expiring information that needs to be gathered year-after-year, you can create a Renewal Questionnaire for things like updated copies of restaurant manager certificates, etc.

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Relax knowing your permits are being managed by

the most intelligent environmental health permitting software available

You won’t find another solution better equipped to help you make your job easier. It goes far beyond the online forms, and that’s why Civic Review uses the online-platform to it’s advantage. With a world as connected as we see these days, why shouldn’t municipalities be connected to their own permit owners. They’ll praise you for making things easier, and you’ll be able to get more things done.

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Civic Review is the most flexible and efficient permit software available. The software has changed our antiquated and outdated process of permitting. I love it’s seamless and customizable client experience. It has revolutionized our staff’s ability to review and approve permits effectively and expeditiously.

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