Permit Management Software Features

Here's What Makes our Permit Management Software so Great

These are our favorite features:

Accept license and permit applications online

Everything is faster online. CivicReview is an online permit management systems which has been used for various types of permits or licenses including business licenses, alcohol permits, health permits, event permits, and more.


Departmental approvals are collected instantly

Probably the coolest feature

For permits that require multiple departments to sign-off, you can have all departments review and approve a permit appication simultaneously.


Easy permit/license renewal

Renewal notices can be emailed to applicants, who are provided a link so they can pay renewal fees online. CivicReview helps you keep track of permits that are up for renewals, so nobody falls through the cracks.


Customizable multi-page application forms

CivicReview comes with an easy-to-use form builder, so you can create and make changes to your permit or license applications. Your forms can event be divided into multiple pages. You can also ask for collections of information. For example, you can ask for a list of telephone numbers with no limit to how many they can provide.

Conditional department review requirements

You can decide which departments need to review different permit types. Those reviews can even be collected based on answers given in a permit or license application form. If a department needs to review an application, they are send an email when the permit is ready for them to review.


Applicant gateway to pay fees and see approval progress

Applicants are given login credentials using a PIN system (no need for them to create an account) which they can use to login to pay permit fees, see the status of the review process, and read comments provided by government reviewers.


100% Customizable

Intelligent permit application forms

You have the ability to show or hide fields or entire pages on permit application forms based on answers previously given. For example, business license applicants don’t need to see a bunch of questions about food safety if they aren’t selling food. This leads to less confusion for your applicants.

Keep applicants in the loop

Permit Applicants Can View Their Review Status Anytime

Applicants can log in using issued credentials to view the status of their application. No need to burden them with one more account or password to remember. They can pay fees and even renew their permit or license when the time comes. Review notes are also made available to them. For example, if the Fire Department has decided a fire permit should be denied, they can specify a reason, which is shown here.

Know exactly where things are

Get Accurate Location Data with Integrated Maps

You can add maps to your permit application forms to help visualize exactly where things are. No need to ask for them to upload a map.

All related departments know what's going on

Internal Discussions Stay with the Permit

Need to make notes or comments related to a license application? You can have an internal discussion with reviewers (other departmental users) which is stored in our software. Let’s suppose a health permit application doesn’t quite live up to expectations, you can discuss why during the review process so everyone knows what is going on.

And the list goes on!

A Few Other Highlights

  • Editable fee management
  • Event management and calendars for event-related permits
  • Accept file uploads within your application forms

Technical Perks

  • All data traffic is encrypted and secure
  • Data is stored securely with Amazon Web Services (AWS is also used by the US Dept. of State, FDA, Capital One, and Dow Jones)
  • The web application runs fast using cutting-edge technology
  • Immediate customer service and support on business days
  • We welcome user input and suggestions for new features, etc.