Handling Paper Renewals

Civic Review is built to primarily handle renewals online. However, in the first few years of use, you’ll find there is a transition as your applicants get used to doing things online instead of via paper.

If you’re accepting paper applications, the process is pretty quick, but you’ll want to do things in the right order, especially if there are changes to their information that could have an effect on their fees.

We also have a guide on handling online renewals.

One thing that’s important to remember. Renewal fees are created at the time you hit Start Renewal. After that point they are no longer automatically updated. If you need to change fees after renewal started, see Step 3 from this online renewal guide.

Step 1: Record any changes to their information

Usually when taking a paper renewal form, there can come with it some changes to their information such as possible changes to:

  • Contact information
  • Number of employees
  • Square footage
  • Income

Some of these changes might affect their renewal fees, so it’s important to do this first.

Scroll down to the Permit Details and hit the Edit button. From there it’s pretty clear how to change information.

Step 2: Hit “Start renewal” and follow the renewal wizard.

Look for the Start renewal button at the top of the main screen for the permit/license.

Then follow the instructions in the renewal wizard. It’s pretty explanatory here.

Let us know in the chat within the Civic Review web app if you have questions.


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