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Why settle for an outdated planning/development permitting process designed for over-the-counter paper applications, manual feedback, and scattered information?

Civic Review’s online platform is just the tool you need to decrease approval times and consolidate information into one place

Our planning and zoning permitting software utilizes the internet to tackle most of the common problems related to getting approvals through your pipeline more quickly. We understand that some aspects of the development review process may require some in-person interaction, but much of the process can take advantage of the cloud to manage status updates, communication, payment, and information storage.

Simply taking applications with online forms is not enough

Community development application review, document storage, and the exchange of plans - all in one place

How everyone else does it

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Imagine if everything were in the same place

How Civic Review does it

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Although this image looks exaggerated, we noticed governments, particularly community development offices, are using multiple channels and tools throughout the planning and zoning permitting process. If the flow of information in your city or county looks similar to this, then your information is probably spread all over! The Civic Review software is built to be a hub for all that information.

Let's walk through the process

Civic Review enables you to do so much more than take permit applications online

Consider this new and exciting development project which everyone hopes will stimulate the economy by creating jobs and attracting new, hip businesses. The sooner we can get this underway, the better! We’ll walk through the permitting process from application to final approval, and show you the benefits you’ll find when using Civic Review. Remember, this workflow isn’t set in stone, and can be customized to fit your needs.

First, you allow your applicants to

apply for planning permits online

The applicant goes to your website and applies for a permit by filling out a form online. They provide all the information you ask for, and can even upload site plans. Guess what? They can’t even continue if they don’t provide all the necessary information and documents. Fees are also automatically calculated based on the information given.

Once submitted, you (or your staff) gets an email letting you know about the new application. A pre-approval is needed, which means you need to take a quick glance and make sure everything is in order. Once a pre-approval is given, an email is automatically sent to the applicant asking them to login to their portal to provide payment.


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Provide a portal for

online payment and status updates

A portal is provided to the applicants which allows them review the status of their permit, and see which steps still need to be completed. This will offset responsibility from the central permitting office and create accountability for all involved. This way, applicants will no longer need to call you just to ask what the status is – they know exactly who to contact.

Reviewers also have the ability to provide comments, letting applicants know the reasoning behind their status. You have full control over the workflow and can specify individual review steps in the approval process. Not only can you reserve spots for departmental approvals, but you can also add items such as “Planning Commission” or “Development Review Committee”. You can assign other users to each review step to login and mark approvals, or if you’d rather, office administrators can mark these off themselves.

The portal also provides a place for online payment for permitting fees. Civic Review integrates with a number of 3rd party payment processors, making it possible to keep all your organization’s payments on a central system. You continue to use your financial/ERP systems for accounting purposes.

Gather approvals quickly and

Collaborate with other staff members, wherever they are

Once payment is made, another email is automatically sent to all individuals who need to review the application. All departments can login and review this application, mark their approvals, and even make internal comments. This online collaboration is key to moving this application along quickly. Did we mention this can be done from anywhere? The web app looks great on tablets and phones as long as there is an internet connection.

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Communicate with your applicants

Exchange site plans or comments using in-app messaging

While reviewing the application, let’s say your staff engineer notices a few issues with the site plans. He can write a message to them from within the app, and attach a file which contains the site plan document with notes and markings. The applicant logs in to their portal, downloads the annotated site plans, makes a few changes of his own, and sends a new copy back. This entire conversation is stored forever within the app, and is directly connected to the permit. As a result, you’ll have all document versions stored in the cloud on our secure servers.

Relax knowing everything is in order

Wasn’t that easy? Once all approvals are collected and everything looks in order, you can now give the final approval. Another email is automatically sent to the applicant, informing them that their permit is complete and the project can get underway. You can also use Civic Review to send conditions of approval or any other correspondence. Talk to us about how you can make Civic Review your go-to planning and zoning permitting software solution.

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Civic Review is the most flexible and efficient permit software available. The software has changed our antiquated and outdated process of permitting. I love it’s seamless and customizable client experience. It has revolutionized our staff’s ability to review and approve permits effectively and expeditiously.

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