Civic Review is the easiest way to manage permit and license applications and renewals
No more headache when collecting approvals from all your departments

Government departments can review permit and license applications instantly online

Civic Review can be used for all kinds of online permit and license applications. It’s been used for Planning & Zoning Permits, Business Licensing, Event Permitting, Food Establishment Permits, Excavation Requests, and many other situations where you might need to take applications online.

You have no idea what you're missing

Here are a few things that will make life easier for both you and your applicants
License management software for governments

Manage permits in a browser
anywhere there is a connection.

Accept license and permit applications online

This software has been used to accept permit and license applications for business registrations, alcohol permits, health permits, event permits, and more.

Easy permit/license renewal

Renewal notices can be emailed to applicants, who can then update their information (if needed) and pay renewal fees online.

Customizable multi-page application forms

With our form builder, you can build and edit your own custom forms for your license and permit applications. You can even create sub-collections of data. For example, you can ask applicants to provide a list of any and all business partners or a list of all entrance fees to an event – with no limit to how many they can specify.

Departmental approvals are collected instantly

Departments who are assigned to review applications can login and approve them simultaneously, as well as leave comments for the applicant.

Conditional department review requirements

Different municipal departments can be assigned to different permits or licenses for review and approval based on application form input. For example, the health department could be assigned to review an application if the applicant indicates they will have food at an event.

Applicant gateway to pay fees and see approval progress

Applicants can login with assigned credentials (no need for them to create an account) to pay fees, see the review progress, and read public commentary from reviewers.

CivicReview is the most flexible and efficient permit software available. The software has changed our antiquated and outdated process of permitting. I love it’s seamless and customizable client experience. It has revolutionized our staff’s ability to review and approve permits effectively and expeditiously.

Travis English, Summit County Special Events