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Permit Management Software for Local Governments

You don’t have to do things the old way! Simplify your process and make things easier for applicants with Civic Review.

You can go from chaos:

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To sanity:

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Pick Your Problem

Here are the most common uses for Civic Review


Building Permits are complex! Track plan reviews, calculate fees, and stay on top of inspections.

Planning & Zoning

Use Civic Review for all kinds of permits issued from your planning and zoning department.

Business Licensing

Don’t you just dread renewal season? If you’re using Civic Review, business licensing is a walk in the park.

Food Establishments

Food establishment permits behave very similarly to business licenses, so why not use Civic Review for them?

Flexibility for your Creativity

What really makes Civic Review unique is the flexibility. You can create all kinds of online forms and use Civic Review to track the application process for just about anything. We’ve seen Civic Review used for time off requests, job applications, reimbursement requests, and water/utility hookup applications.

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