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$0 per month

It's True, Here's How it Works

Under our no-cost plan, Civic Review adds an online convenience fee to all online payments, which is paid by applicants. Applicants always have the option to bypass the online fee if they choose to pay by some other method. Municipalities that process over 500 applications/renewals are eligible for this plan.

For example, assuming the application fee for your license/permit is $100:

Application Fee


$100 goes to your organization

Flat Online Convenience Fee*


 Civic Review Icon$5 goes to Civic Review

Applicant Pays


*Convenience fee is only added if they pay online, and does not include credit card processing fees

What if our application fees are really small?

The online convenience fee will not exceed 15% of your application fees. So if the application fee is $25, the convenience fee will be $3.75. It’s in both our best interest that applicants are motivated to pay online.