Rather than solve all the problems a municipality has, Civic Review focuses on permitting and licensing. As such, Civic Review is a high-quality product superior to any other permitting or licensing solution. The fees not only ensure the product stays up-to-date, but also promotes ongoing improvement.

Flexible Pricing Plans

A modern solution any tax base can afford


Civic Review collects a convenience fee whenever an applicant chooses to pay online.

How It Works

Convenience Fee

Benefits Included

All core Civic Review features including:

  • Interactive online application forms
  • Customizable review/approval workflow
  • Online fee payment via Stripe
  • Unlimited forms, users, and applications
  • Applicant portal
  • Support via online chat with Civic Review during business hours

Annual Price


Only available to organizations who receive over 500 annual applications/renewals.


A traditional subscription-based plan which excludes convenience fees and comes with a few extra goodies.

Enhanced Benefits

All "Convenience" plan benefits, plus:

  • No convenience fees
  • Integration with other payment platforms
  • Add credit card fees to payment totals
  • Accept applications that have no fees
  • Set a maximum allowable amount for online payments
  • Communicate with applicants via messaging within Civic Review

Annual Price

Starting at


for the smallest municipalities

Pricing depends on the total number of applications and renewals your organization expects to receive each year. Talk to us to determine your organization's pricing.

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